Our start in PA Medical Marijuana Doctor Certifications

Our start in PA Medical Marijuana Doctor Certifications

Getting your medical cannabis certification in Pennsylvania is something that takes several steps that many have problems completing, with many people just giving up due to an arduous process, especially to those who are not efficient in using computers and smart devices. The state of PA requires each patient to make an online registration on the state's website, yet it does not give any of the needed directions to complete the process. I first learned of the problems with the PA system when an elderly person approached me and asked me for help with the process who's husband had stage 3 cancer and was having trouble eating.

After about ten minutes of research on how to sign up for the PA program and several failed attempts, I finally was able to register her husband, and the woman was extremely grateful for the help. The next day two of her friends showed up at my newly opened CBD store on Frankford ave and asked for me to help them as well, which I gladly did. The next day I got a call from one of the people I helped and they told me that the most inexpensive doctor they could find was $250 for a one year certification, and that they just couldn't afford that price, which made me feel like I failed them. That set me on a mission to be able to provide a full service certification process that was affordable and accessible to all, which is where Kaneh Kare found its true calling.

Since June of last year we have helped thousands of PA residents get their medical cannabis certifications and we haven't looked back since. On March 25th of 2020, after a successive lobbying campaign I launched to allow the state of PA to allow for medical cannabis certifications to be done via telemedicine due to the Covid crisis, the state approved certifications to be done via telemedicine. This has allowed us to be able to service the entire state of PA and help people from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and still provide them with efficient and personalized services. Our goal is to make the PA program accessible to anyone who wants to become a patient, and do so in a fast and efficient manner. Let us help you by just clicking the link and entering your information on our website below.


Patrick Duff

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  • Brianne

    Soo glad you took that route! I am now one of the thousands you’ve helped and I’ve also recommended you to many of my friends who have also been struggling to get their certifications! Thank you for your help! You made this process very easy and most importantly very successful! Thank you!!

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